Comic Sans – Not so bad in the end?

When you give something a bad name, you might be wrong. Comic Sans has been down-talked for years or ever since it was created. It might be the most hated font, but maybe it is just the most misused font ever?
Can you blame a design for being used wrong over and over again? Shouldn't you be blaming the people who do that to the design?
There is still the option that Comic Sans is the victim and not the violator.
Comic Sans has its own Character. It reminds of a hand-writing, which makes it casual and life-like. It has rounded characters and no edges, so that it appears friendly and harmless.
When using a font in a layout you have to aware of the fonts character. It will result in a bad design, using a fun and friendly font for a serious or important message. Anything written in Comic Sans will not be taken serious. You cannot use it for a "Beware of the dog" message. Unless the dog is a 12-year old basset. Or Snoopy.
You have to know that Typography is more than just words. A font can stress the words meaning and make it easier to understand. Before we read, we see.
Comis Sans was created by Microsoft in the mid 90s for usage in help menus that were shaped like speech bubbles. This makes sense! The font is inspired by speeh bubbles used in comic books.
Now wether you use it or not, is totally your own decision. But just calling it names doesn't appear all that grown-up, does it? ;)
I cannot recall using it myself for the last 15 years, but i wouldn't say that I will never use it. I can only reassure you, that if I should ever use it, i will do so wisely!
"If you love it (Comic Sans), you don't know much about typography and if you hate it you really don't know much about typography either and you should get another hobby."
Vincent Connare, creator of Comic Sans.

That said I had to admit that I never hated Comic Sans. I am mostly indifferent to it. I do shudder when I see it misused, but it does not make me mad. There is a time and place for everything. In this case it is not college tho.
I am really not going to dig into this much deeper, but lemme just say this:
It is better to educate people about how to do something (in this case the right usage of a font), than to see them fail at doing so and then forbid them to do it ever again.
Some more input on the topic:
  • Are you a Comic Sans Criminal? Actually it does not even matter, just take a look at this awesome website! You may even learn one or the other thing.
  • Another funny things is, that Comic Sans is one of many Typefaces for Dyslexia. It is maybe not the #1 choice for people suffering from Dyslexia, but it definetely can be useful.
  • Now if you are a hater, you should definetely go to ban comic sans and meet some people who feel like you.
Here are some artworks using Comic Sans for you to enjoy. Yes, I am serious. They are enjoyable xD
Talking about Comic Sans... Compared to Papyrus it is mostly harmless.


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