Back to blogging?

It has been almost 2 years since I last was on this site. A lot has happened in between, among many things i spent one year being the Text Art & Typography Gallery Moderator at deviantART and 2 visits to New York. I am still a web-designer, nothing has really changed in that department.
Anyway, I had some time to spare at work this morning and remembered i have a blog here... And decided to give it a go again. So here I am, struggling with layouts and colors, trying to clean up this mess.
When i started this, I wanted to talk only about Typography. I think that really limits what I can talk about. Now if you know me, you know that I can talk about pretty much anything. And it does not always make sense. The word "random" comes to mind.
My plan now, is to showcase inspirational material here and maybe write a real blog, with something to say. Instead of only linking to other people. Who knows how this will work out.

In the last 2 years of course I did a lot of art. Lemme show you some of that:
Good Morning Starshine
World's Most Famous Bikinis
Silhouette of Doom
Well, you can always check all this out on my deviantArt profile. Of course my behance profile is a nice place to go. I've mainly done vectors and typography. The plan is to work on my digital painting and sketching skills. I need to draw more.

I've been becoming a frequent user of stumbleUpon and waste a lot of time just clickin' that little "Stumble!"-button. And the occasional "I like it!". I never say i don't tho. lol.

Well anyway, let's just see what I will really do with this blog.


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