New Blog Design!

I wasn't completely unhappy with how this blog used to look like, but I felt it was time for some changes. I am staying faithful to a dark color scheme, but with less effects and more contrast. Here is a break down of some of the major changes!
Less text on the front page!  All posts are reduced to their title and an image, no information about sharing, posting time and comments. Those elements make the layout appear cluttered and I wanted the front page to be as clean as possible.
I expanded the grid, based on a maximum width of 960 px, I decided to go with a very structured and straight 4 column layout. The marginal column is reduced in width and therefore the content gains more space. Since I have a love for clear grids, everything now aligns nicely.
Regarding Typography I am now using the Exo Family for headlines and some other elements. For body copy I am using good old Arial. There is something else about the body copy I am curious to try out: Using 16px as standard font size!
There is a current discussion about the 12 or 13 px font size most commonly used for body copy is too small. I am yet to make a final decision about that, because I think it is way too easy to follow such discussions without actually trying it out. If this discussion sounds interesting to you, you should check out 16 Pixels: For Body Copy. Anything Less Is A Costly Mistake | Smashing Magazine and Information Architects – The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard. Two very inspiring and well laid out articles regarding this topic.
I installed a new widget for the other spots you can find me online. Simple and to the point, with each site's own colorcoding.
Posts are now accompanied by big header images, providing more information about the posts content. Who doesn't like big images anyway? The new content width of 700 px also serves this purpose. More and bigger eye candy!
Who am I kidding, this blog is not 100% done yet. Since I am not the brightest coder in the world and there is a lot of html to work on here, there will still be some edits, especially regarding browser compability. If you notice a bug, error or anything weird, let me know! If you can actually help iron it out, you get a cookie!


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